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Flybook Calendar

Obtain user id and password from Bill

Go to www.flybook.co.nz enter user id and password

If you wish to change or cancel a booking, before the day, just go ahead and make the change in the calendar. On the day please text or phone Bill or Neroli to advise of the change. If your change is due to weather, please donít just assume that no-one else will be flying. We may have a student awaiting a suitable crosswind, or reduced visibility for mountain flying training or low flying, for example. Cancellations also may provide us with an opportunity for minor maintenance jobs or cleaning, if there are no students available to replace a booking at short notice.

At the end of your flight please text Bill with your tacho hours, to let me know that you are back safely and that the aircraft is available for the next pilot.

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Access Level


Edit Bookings





Access Level: There are four levels of access and booking rights:

'Public' with no log-on. This gives access to the demo screen, and (optionally at the choice of each club/school/syndicate) access to a 'Public' page which shows which time slots are vacant or 'booked', but with no people's names shown, and no ability to book or cancel.

'User' level people can log-on with their password, and then make and cancel bookings for themselves only. Some organisations may choose to apply restrictions on bookings and some do not allow anyone except staff to make bookings.

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Passwords: These are not case sensitive, and can be any combination of letters and numbers. It does not matter if several users have the same password, so long as their email addresses are different.

If an incorrect password is entered, the user can click on the 'Forgotten Password' button and a temporary replacement password will automatically be emailed to them. When this is used it will be recognised as temporary and the system will ask the user for a long term password.

A user's password can be changed by them at any time by going to the 'Day Display' booking page and selecting 'Personal Details'.

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Aircraft: The system can handle a large number of aircraft , and other physical assets such as rooms or vehicles if required. These can be added, edited and deleted by the Administrator at the 'Admin' page.

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Instructors: There can be many instructors available for booking, and also other types of staff member if required. They can be added, edited and deleted by the Administrator from the 'Admin' page.

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Editing of Existing Bookings:

- When pilots level users click on one of their own their existing bookings, they are cancelled and they can reinsert in a different position.

- When a Staff member clicks on an existing booking, they go into an 'edit' mode where they can change the start and end time of a booking, change the aircraft or instructor, move the booking to the next day or same time next weeks etc.

- If only the 'start' time is changed, the end time will be automatically moved so as to keep the same length of booking.

- If only the aircraft 'start' time is changed both it and the instructor booking are moved. .

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Please let me know if you have any problems with the calendar.


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