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Air-to-Air Photos

Bill flying ZK-BAL from Gisborne on 20/3/16. Paul Corrin flying BQV with Neroli taking the photos.

John Kings Photos taken on 19/9/14 with Bill flying. The aircraft are all Fielding based, and formed the subject of  articles in Aviation News and Sport Flying Magazines. (click on the links for the articles.)

John Hansen returning from Hastings 50th Anniversary of Sport Aircraft Association Flyin at Hastings, 9/3/14. John has owned CAX for 40 years, and it was at the first SAA flyin.

Up close and personal with Bruce Coulter and BTX, enroute Te Kowhai to Raglan for Black Sands 2012, 9/11/12

Bob Grays Carbon Cub, ZK-CSS after Bobs Type Rating at Te Kowhai, 9/3/12

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