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Congratulations !!

Shrujan Cub rating 13/4/16 at HN

Scott Montagu Cub Rating 10/7/16 at HN

22/3/15, Robbie Innes renewing and old aquaintance at Krippners Strip. (Robbie first soloed in BTU on 25/7/09)

Damon Barakat 1st Solo 20/2/15. Well done Damon.

Nigel Evans reacquainting himself with Cubbing while on holiday from Hong Kong. 26/1/15

Leo Johns, BFR in BQV 20/2/15, good work Leo.

Esther Harrington giving Bill some instruction on how to fly a taildragger on 9 October 2014. Esther is the main taildragger instructor at the Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club, Hastings, and spent 3 days with Bill getting some tips and tricks. This was the most front seat (Nerolis seat) time Bill has had for ages.

Murray Smith Cub type rating 21/1/15

Phil Barakat passed Pawnee Rating, and qualified for glider towing 21/12/14

Brian McAnulty passed BFR on 22/12/14. A fine effort Mac!

Dion Manktelow qualifying for Beach Landings, Gibsons Beach, Raglan, during the Black Sands flyin in 8/11/14.

 Dion Manktelow brand new tow pilot in Drury’s Pawnee, 20/10/13

Phil Barakat passed Glider Tow Rating at Matamata on 12/12/14.

Heath Blyde gets a pre-flight briefing from Bill prior to a Trial Flight on 9/2/14

Bill Stearman Type Rating at Tauranga with Peter Ham on 28/12/13, then first passenger Neroli on 29/12/13. Thanks to Mike and Marty for letting us fly their lovely old aeroplanes. :-) 

Kurt Wieldraayer First Solo on type 27/4/14 at Krippners.

Ryan Cameron Type Rating and First Solo on Type 22/10/14.

Bruce Freemantle Piper Pawnee and Glider Tow Rating at Matamata 11/12/13

Rob Shuttleworth, First Solo on type, Piper Arrow, ZK-DQV, Hamilton 31/8/13

Cody Calder Piper Pawnee and Glider Tow Rating 8/12/13 at Matamata.

Eckard Grimbeek, Type Rating 31st July 2013 at Krippners Strip, Ngahinapouri.

Richard Haxell congratulated by Flight Examiner Roger Cruickshank on successfully passing PPL flight test 27/7/13

Roger Cruickshank, CFI Waikato Aero Club, shakes Olivia Henwoods’ hand after a successful PPL flight test in ZK-BQV on 4 May 2013.

Rob Shuttelworth Cub Rating and First Solo on type, 29/7/13

Hamish Rogerson, type rating in Chipmunk, 13/11/12

Steve Carr, type rating BQV 16/12/10

Lindsay Cameron, type rating BQV 16/6/12

Dion Manktelow, type rating in BQV 1/12/11

Daniel Jackson, Type Rating BQV 25/10/12

Hamish Rogerson, type rating BQV, 11/10/12. The start of many happy taildragger hours!

Marcel Maria, first solo BQV 15/12/12

Steve and Paul Turner after a flight in the Chipmunk, 23/5/12

Tony Muller, type rating in BQV, 6/7/12

Dion Manktelow, first solo and type rating DHC-1 12/5/12.

Peter Booth reacquainting himself with and old friend (the Cub not Bill!) after 40+ years on 3/2/12.

Barry Soper First Cub solo, 1/10/2011 at Te Kowhai. Barrys first solo flight since 1986 and 29 years after his first ‘first solo’ in 1982. Well done. :-)

Me and Mini-Me, John Ryan and the model Cub he made, after his flight in the real McCoy some months ago. Next was a flight in the Chippie, 2/6/12.

Neroli and Olivia, after Nerolis 1st flight with a passenger, at Te Kowhai in BQV, 6/9/11

Neroli Henwood passed PPL flight test in BQV, 21/8/11 at Te Kowhai, with John Gemmell, Flight Testing Officer.

Bernard Powell, First Solo on 29/6/11 at Te Kowhai in ZK-BQV.

Regan Brown, passed PPL flight test in C-172A ZK-EHA with John Gemmell, 17/7/11.

Neroli First Cub solo, 12/5/2011 at Te Kowhai. Nerolis first solo since 1987 and 27 years after her first ‘first solo’ in 1984. Well done. :-)

24/7/11, Bruce Wadeson, BFR and Type Rating on BQV 10 years after last flying a taildragger, and 5 years after his last flight.

Mike Dean, type rating achieved 9/4/11 at Te Kowhai in BQV.

Craig Rabarts Passed PPL Flight Test 24/2/11, BQV, Te Kowhai.

Olivia Henwood First Solo 7/1/11, ZK-BQV, Te Kowhai

Craig Rabarts, First Solo, 4/1/11, ZK-BQV, Te Kowhai

Ashleigh and Bill, 1st flight together, B737,      AKL - CHC - ZQN - CHC - AKL, 9/12/10

James Hill, Supercub type rating 14/12/10

Regan Brown, First Solo 10/1/11 Cessna 172A, ZK-EHA, Te Kowhai

Justin Campbell, 1st solo, ZK-BQV, 12/12/10

John Campbell, 1st solo on type C.170, 9/12/10

Roger Honeyfield, first soloed in BQV on 24/10/1964 at Patea. Bill took him for a flight again in his old mount at Tauranga on 7/10/10.

Trial Flight for Kate at Te Kowhai, 22/8/10

“Listen here Jack I recon we could fly this thing between the two of us” (click here for Aviation News story)

Rex de Bettencor, 1st solo, C.152 ZK-JFY 12/5/09, two days short of his 70th birthday.

Olivia pausing for a comfort stop at Taumarunui on the way to flying over Mt Ruapehu, 9/5/10 (see other photos of the series here)

Max Vodane after First Solo at Taumarunui Tiger Club Fly-in, ZK-BTU on 25/10/09.

A Proud Rob Innes after his first solo at Ardmore, ZK-BTU. 25/7/09

Flash back to 2009, Rex de Bettencor doing circuits at AR. Thanks to Colin Hunter for the photo.

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